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Mixed Content Issue Checker

Mixed content issue is when you see HTTP:// resources loaded over HTTPS://. While not a direct Google ranking factor, having lots of non-secure resources on a page might deter people from interacting with your website. Especially, if you accept credit card information or handle personal details. Use this tool to check if your pages suffer from mixed content issue.

What is the mixed content issue?

Secure websites using an SSL certificate starts with https:// in the address URL. Having an SSL certificate allows your web browser to communicate securely to the site's webserver. That means whatever information transferred between your web browser and the webserver is encrypted and therefore cannot be hacked or infiltrated. This is particularly important if you're sending sensitive information such as personal details, banking details, and credit card payment details.

The mixed content warning occurs when insecure elements such as images, JavaScript files, and CSS files are loaded over an already SSL-protected webpage. When this happens, most modern web browsers will display a similar warning message.

Example of mixed content issue
Image source: SSL2buy

While technically not a ranking factor, seeing this warning message can deter users from fully interacting with your website. Especially if your webpage provides transactional support for online purchases such as credit card forms and personal information capturing forms.

Use this tool to check if any of your web pages have mixed content.