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Who is Shammika Munugoda?

As a software engineer by trade, I like building cool tools that make life easier.

So in 2014, I quit my high-paying software engineering job to create a tech start-up. With nothing but a shoestring budget and an idea, I started coding away the app that would change people's lives and possibly mine.

I spent weeks and months building the app, coding for 10-12 hours a day until the app was ready for launch. Going by the fallacy "If you build it, they will come,” I thought having a valuable app was all I needed, and I was excited to put it in the hands of thousands of people.

But my hopes were dashed soon after when no one signed up.

Days and weeks went by and still nothing! Just crickets.

So after many failed attempts with friends who did not sign up and wasting money with Facebook page "Like" campaigns, I was desperate and didn't know what else to do. So I reached out to a few start-up buddies and asked how they were getting people to sign up for their app.

I set up a coffee catch-up with another start-up buddy of mine, David (Ball). I told him the conundrum I was in. I had the best-looking app (IMHO, I might have been a bit biased), but no one is signing up, let alone inquiring about it.

He then introduced me to a book he was reading called Traction and told me how this book shows you ways to market your product or service. I was intrigued! So I downloaded the audiobook immediately and started listening to the chapters.

I then discovered the wonderful world of organic marketing, especially something called SEO!

I stopped coding and started marketing my software using SEO. The needle finally started moving! My ghost town of an app finally started getting new sign-ups from random people I've never met, whom I've never spoken to. Some of those free sign-ups went on to become paying clients of the software.

This marked the start of my SEO journey. Since then, I have built many websites, started digital marketing agencies, and helped many clients, using SEO as the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign.

What I'm sharing with you on this website are tried and tested SEO methods and tactics that have worked for my clients and me. Strategies that brought me results and gave my clients and me the biggest bang for our buck.

I'm confident these tactics will "move the needle" for you too. Use these strategies to get your website found on Google, attract your dream customers, and convert them to paying clients.

I learn from making mistakes, so I know very well what works and what doesn't. You won't make the same mistakes I did. You are in good hands.

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The TL;DR version

I absolutely pride myself in being a geek.

I'm a software engineer and white hat hacker. I have been building software for over 15 years, ethically hacking websites for more than three years, and am currently living in Melbourne with my two energizer bunnies: son (Revon), daughter (Rehansa), and my wife (Chamari).

SEOGraphy founder Shammika Munugoda and his family - Revon (son), Rehansa (daughter) & Chamari (wife)

I accidentally fell in love with SEO, which led to me now living and breathing it! I know that the SEO strategies I practice and preach work and bring results! I made all the mistakes to learn, so I'll make sure you won't repeat them.

If that's what you're after - then you're at the right place.

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