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Best SEO Tools For Your Online Business

SEO is a complex and ever-changing field. It’s important for any website owner to stay on top of trends and changes, but it can be difficult to keep up without the right tools. SEO tools can help you make the most of the time and effort you put into your site. They can also help you avoid common mistakes, which can save you time and money in the long run. In this post, we’ll cover some of the best SEO tools for your online business.


Ahrefs is one of the best all-in-one SEO toolsets for growing search traffic and optimizing websites. They have a complete SEO suite through development like Keywords Explorer for keyword research, Content Explorer for analyzing content, Rank Tracker for monitoring keyword rankings, and Site Audit for auditing and optimizing websites that will help you in improving your site. The good part is they update their index with the freshest backlinks on the web every 15 minutes, and their crawler processes up to 8 billion pages a day. That makes them the 6th most active crawler on the web.

Ahfers SEO Features

Ahfers Feature

  • Site Explorer Get an in-depth look at the organic search traffic and backlink profile of any website or URL.
  • Site Audit Run an SEO audit to uncover your website’s technical and on-page SEO issues. Find out exactly what’s holding your website back from ranking
  • Keywords Explorer Discover thousands of great keyword ideas, analyze their ranking difficulty, and calculate their traffic potential.
  • Content Explorer- Content ExplorerSearch engine made for marketers Discover top-performing content in your niche and find thousands of link prospects.
  • Rank Tracker Monitor your rankings over time and chart your performance against your competitors. Get scheduled reports, straight to your inbox.

Ahfers Pricing

You can sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools for free limited access to Site Explorer & Site Audit.

Monthly price Additional taxes may apply depending on your country.

  • Lite Starts at $99 and $83 for Essential data for small businesses and hobby projects.
  • Standard Starts at $199 Perfect for freelance SEOs and marketing consultants.
  • Advanced Starts at $399 More tools and data for lean in-house marketing teams.
  • EnterpriseStarts at$999 Ideal for agencies and enterprises.

There are 2 months free for annual payment


Siteliner helps you identify areas in need of improvement by informing you of key issues that affect your site’s quality and search engine ranking. It highlights duplicate content and broken links so that they can be fixed.

SiteLiner SEO Features

Siteliner Feature

  • Duplicate Content Duplicate content can lower your site's search engine rankings, reducing the traffic to your site. Siteliner systematically checks your site for internal duplicate content, highlighting it on each page, and intelligently excluding common content such as menus and navigation.
  • Broken Links Broken links can damage your site's user experience and lower your site's search engine rankings. Siteliner checks all internal links on your site to ensure they are working and highlights the broken links so you can fix them easily.
  • Page Power Siteliner identifies the pages that are most prominent to search engines as they crawl through your site based on the link patterns between your pages.
  • Reports Siteliner crawls and analyzes the pages on your site, revealing key information about each page. Siteliner provides a standard XML Sitemap for your site, as well as a more detailed Siteliner Report.

Siteliner Pricing

  • Siteliner Free The free Siteliner service is limited to monthly analyses of websites having up to 250 pages. Simply type in your URL and Siteliner gets to work.
  • Siteliner Premium The Siteliner Premium service lets you scan and analyze up to 25,000 pages, as often as you like. Advanced options let you control which pages on your site are scanned. You may also save and review your previous results. Sign up for free.


Semrush is a companion for business online by giving measurable results that you can use on achieving your goals. With the size of their SEO database and their offered speed of backlink crawler, you can have insights such as 23B keywords, 43T backlinks, 808M domain profiles, and 140 geo databases that will help you improve your site. They offer a wide range of tools that they called "toolkit" for SEO, content marketing, market research, advertising social media, and agency solutions.

SEMRush Features

Semrush Feature

  • Access over 23 billion keywords for 130 countries
  • Run in-depth website audit based on 130+ checks
  • Get recommendations to improve your content to increase search rankings
  • Track and analyze competitor websites and marketing strategies
  • Create and track your PPC campaigns
  • Draft, schedule, and post content on social
  • Create and schedule white-labeled or branded reports

Semrush Pricing

They offer free-of-charge tools and also have plans

  • Pro $119.95 monthly For newbies and small teams
  • Guru $229.95 monthly For agencies and mid-size businesses
  • Business $449.95 monthly For large agencies and enterprises

Can save up to 17% for annual payment


Seobility helps online marketers and website owners to create better websites and will track their online success. Seobility will crawl your website, all found errors like duplicate content will be displayed, and allows you to analyse the problem found on a single page. To ensure the sustainability of your site, it will be constantly crawled to monitor its progress.

SEObility Features

Seobility Features

  • On-Site Audit Seobility crawls your entire website searching for on-page SEO issues
  • Rank Tracking Track daily keyword rankings on different search engines and country or city levels
  • Backlink Checker Monitor SEO Backlinks, spy on your competitors and find ideas for link building
  • SEO Checker Test your website's search engine optimization. Get valuable tips for better website optimization and higher rankings.
  • Keyword Checker Check the on-page optimization for your website and make sure it is optimized correctly for important search terms.
  • Ranking Checker Check your website rankings for any keyword in Google's search results for different countries or at the city level. Desktop and Mobile as well.
  • TF*IDF Tool Analyze the top ranked content on Google and optimize your pages for topical relevance using the TF*IDF tool.

Seobility Pricing

  • Basic FREE For beginners
  • Premium $50 /month afterward with 7 Day Free Trial For professional websites
  • Agency $200 For large websites & agencies



Sitechecker is one of the all-in-one SEO platforms. they believe that great content deserves a great ranking. They help business owners, marketers, and agencies optimize their websites for better search engine rankings without having to understand complex SEO tools.

SiteChecker Features

Sitechecker Feature

  • Website Crawler Crawl the website for technical issues and get a prioritized to-do list with detailed guides on how to fix errors.
  • Site Monitoring Reduce the Risk of Losing Google Traffic. One glance is enough to evaluate what’s happening with your websites and determine whether something went wrong
  • Rank Tracker Monitor how your website rankings, visibility rate, and indexation progress change over time and get suggestions on how to improve them
  • Backlink Tracker Keep track of backlinks’ changes around the clock to avoid losing any valuable links. On Sitechecker, you can decide which links to collect and track
  • SEO Chrome Extension Elevate page quality and performance for any webpage. It’s free
  • On-page SEO Checker Discover why your landing pages are not ranking in Google by doing an on-page audit. Take action right away with our easy-to-apply solutions.

Sitechecker Pricing

Sales tax (VAT) is NOT included in the price

2 months for annual payment


  • Basic $41 / month For startups, small business owners and freelancers
  • StandardMost popular $124/ month For in-house professionals and small agencies
  • Premium $208 / month For dedicated SEO teams and mid-size agencies
  • Enterprise For big agencies and enterprises


  • Basic $41 / month For startups, small business owners and freelancers
  • StandardMost popular $124/ month For in-house professionals and small agencies
  • Premium $208 / month For dedicated SEO teams and mid-size agencies
  • Enterprise For big agencies and enterprises


SEOquake is a free SEO browser plugin that provides users with quick access to a handful of SEO metrics for any page on the internet. With the stroke of a button, SEOquake gives you access to organic research data. By only using your browser, it will conduct a full SEO analysis of any webpage. No need for a complicated user interface, just configure SEOquake to only show the information you need. It also checks your web page’s health with a real-time diagnosis feature that helps you identify and fix various optimization issues that occur. This makes SEOquake one of the most powerful and helpful SEO toolboxes for your browser.

SEOQuake SEO features

SEOquake Features

  • SEObar Get an instant SEO summary for any webpage you’re browsing with the interactive SEObar that can be adjusted to your needs or switched off completely. you can navigate to any landing page and receive analytical data specific to that landing page at the click of a button.
  • SEO Dashboard Not a big fan of extra bars in your browser? Meet the SEO dashboard! one click will open a compact, yet informative lightbox with a brief SEO overview, including Page, Domain, and Backlinks details.
  • SERP overlay Get a thorough analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format. SERP Overlay will populate your SERP pages (Search Engine Result Pages) with data specific to each result, taking out the guesswork and manual effort by navigating to each page.
  • Vast Data SEMrush, Alexa, Google rank, Yahoo index — you name it! Switch between a great choice of reliable data sources and types, including social media elements, like Tweets and Facebook Likes.
  • Keyword Analysis Get a detailed and structured report on all keywords found on the page. Visualize data in the keywords cloud and narrow down your search using powerful filters.
  • Print & Export Export your SEOquake data with style! With SEOquake, it’s easy to save data from any of the reports into a .csv file, or better yet — print it out.

SEOquake Pricing

  • You can download and install SEOquake for free.
  • The SEOquake plugin is compatible with several browser extensions.
  • Available at Google chrome web store, Firefox Add-ons, Opera Addons, Edge, and Mac App stores for iPhone and iPad.


If you’re looking for the best SEO tool to increase organic search traffic and optimise multiple digital properties for your website, then Woorank is the best for you. A toolset that helps with all things website optimisation, including SEO. Using the app's Website Evaluation tools, it's simple to assess how well-optimized your website is and find ways to raise its organic traffic and search engine rankings. Moreover, WooRank offers a rank tracker, a technical SEO crawler, and capabilities for competition analysis. It also examines the data on your website, offers helpful suggestions, and aids in the accomplishment of your marketing objectives. This makes Woorank one of the most powerful SEO tools in 2023.

Woorank Features

WooRank Features

  • Keyword Tool Discover the best keywords for your website’s blog posts and content marketing based on the value they can deliver to your business.
  • Competitive Analysis Closely monitor your rivals to uncover their SEO strategy and propel your business forward. Find opportunities and uncover gaps in your SEO with a side-by-side comparison of website data.
  • Complete Technical Analysis Quickly and easily analyze thousands of pages to find issues that could be impacting your website’s SEO, usability or accessibility.
  • Actionable SEO Tasks Digestible language and actionable tasks help you to achieve your marketing and business goals.

WooRank Pricing

You can start Woorank for free during their 14-day free trial period.

4 months free if you pay annually

  • Pro pricing starts at US$79.99 you can try it for free More data and insight for growing businesses
  • Premium starts at US$199.99 For professionals working on multiple websites
  • Enterprise pricing For teams, Extra Projects


Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform. It keeps track of your project records, user history, and analytics report. This is what every digital marketers needs, such as SEO specialists, Analytics experts, PPC specialists, content managers, digital marketers, and online business owners. It saves time and provides unique reports and data that are efficient for your marketing. Serpstat is an SEO platform that has been currently used worldwide by SEO digital marketing agencies of all scales, In-house teams of various projects from large to small, and freelancers to improve search engine visibility.

Serpstat Features

Serpstat Features

  • Rank Tracking Examine a domain's and its competitors' search engine results. Google's rank tracking makes it possible to monitor changes to search results and manage the market share of your domain.
  • Keyword Research Using local search results as a starting point, gather keywords for a site and examine the following metrics: volume, popularity, competition, and keyword difficulty.
  • Backlink Analysis The Backlink analysis tool offers information on backlinks, anchors, and link donors, spotting malicious links, and monitoring any changes to the link profiles of your domain and those of your competitors.
  • Website SEO Audit You may quickly and profitably audit any website or page to identify any technological problems that affect its visibility and optimization. Issues and thorough suggestions for their eradication are included in the audit results, which are presented according to priority.
  • Batch Analysis Compare the most crucial data after analyzing up to 100,000 keywords or a list of domains. It increases traffic by filling a site with relevant terms, looking at the link profiles of rivals, concurrently comparing data from any five search databases, choosing reputable websites to place links on, examining the SEO of the subdomains on your website, exporting popular keywords for a region and run advertisements based on them.

Serpstat Pricing

You can sign up and get a Freemium access or try all features of paid plans for 7 days for free.

Monthly plan:

  • Lite starts at $69.00
  • Standard at $149.00
  • Advanced at $299.00
  • Enterprise at $499.00

Annual plan

  • Lite starts at $55.00
  • Standard at $119.00
  • Advanced at $239.00
  • Enterprise at $399.00


SpyFu is a keyword research and competitive intelligence tool that is used by digital marketers to perform better in online searches, it might be the one that your online business needs. Spyfu allows you to pinpoint the most lucrative keywords in the sponsored and organic search efforts of your competitors. While other software options provide a comparable level of functionality, Spyfu is one of the few programs that focus specifically on this type of competitive analysis, or "spying," unlike other applications.

SpyFu features

SpyFu Features

  • SEO Research SpyFu provides rich data on the organic search performance of any website. This means that you can access the same data points below for your own website as well as all of your competitors. See every keyword they rank on. Uncover the exact content and backlinks that lets them outrank you.
  • PPC Research This tool allows you to see the paid keywords for any website, along with some key information: Ad timeline, Cost-per-click, Monthly cost, Monthly searches, Ad position, and Total ads.
  • Keyword Research See every keyword they've ever bought on Google and every ad test they've run. Make their successes your own and avoid their mistakes.
  • Backlink Research With SpyFu, you can learn about the backlink profile of any website. While this feature is not as robust as competitors such as Ahrefs, it does provide valuable information.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking This tool tracks the position of your website in Google search rankings over time. This keyword-tracking tool can be used to monitor the performance of your competitors as well.
  • Competitive Analysis You can use SpyFu's SEO research, PPC research and keyword rank tracking features to understand your competitors' online marketing tactics. Thus, SpyFu offers a few reports you can use specifically for competitive analysis. These tools help you identify who your competitors are, and the keywords that you have in common.

Spyfu Pricing

You can get unlimited access to all the SpyFu data you want no matter what plan you choose with free 30-day trial.

Monthly plan:

  • Basic Plan: $39 per month Ideal for individuals who do not need API access.
  • Professional Plan: $78 per month Ideal for companies that want to track 15,000 keywords or have API access.
  • Team Plan: $299 per month Ideal for teams who need 5 user accounts.

Annual plan;

  • Basic Plan: $33 per year.
  • Professional Plan: $58 per year.
  • Team Plan: $199 per year.


The Majestic Site Explorer is a group of SEO tools that includes reports that are specific to a certain website or page. Although the backlink profile and referring domains of a "target" page or website are the key areas of attention, the information can come from a variety of sources. This SEO tool is unique unlike any other SEO Tool, and the Majestic Site Explorer is more than a backlink checker tool and focuses on Link Intelligence data. There are three most important metrics that majestic SEO explorer have, such as Citation Flow- a score of the number of backlinks (or citations); Trust Flow- is a measure of the credibility and trustworthiness of a URL.; Topical Trust Flow-the significance of a site by industry.

Majestic SEO Features

Majestic Features

  • Site Explorer
  • Chrome and Firefox add-ons for SEO
  • Checker for Bulk Backlinks
  • Exports of Raw Data
  • Site Comparison
  • Backlink Profile
  • Alerts by email
  • Keyword Suggester

Majestic Pricing

You can sign up and choose your plan, either a monthly or you can save up when you choose an annual plan.

  • Lowest Price - LITE starts at $49.99 monthly. For audit and prospecting of a small group of sites. Check Fresh Index backlinks several times a day. With 1 million analysis units.
  • All Website Tools- PRO starts at $99.99 monthly. For agencies, domain traders, and SEO consultants. Query Fresh and Historic Index at higher volume. Access a wider range of reports, and extract more data. With 20 million analysis units.
  • Full API- API starts at $399.99 Monthly. For agencies who need maximum power, and for developers who want to grab data directly from Majestic. With 100 million analysis units.

All prices exclude VAT. Lite and Pro plans have a 7-day money-back guarantee for new customers.


If you wish to find the right keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume for your online business, then Mangools is the best tool for you. This SEO tool has been used for almost a decade now due to its ease of use and great UI. Mangools also supports users with SEO Skills, unlike typically outsourced support agents, the mangools support team consists of people actually doing SEO every day. Also, it offers the best value for an affordable toolset and features that every customer need.

Mangools SEO features

Mangools Features

  • KWFinder (Keyword Research) An intuitive tool that has a lot of features. With Low SEO difficult to find long tail keywords. It has a Keyword analysis tool so that you can find keywords that you can easily rank for, Also have a competitor keyword research tool, Exact search volumes, and search trends, and a Keyword tool meant for local SEO.
  • SERPChecker SERP analysis tool that helps you find the weak spots of your competitors.
  • SERPWatcher is a rank-tracking tool that makes other complicated tools look like they're from the 80s. The goal of rank tracking is to know the organic traffic potential of your website that’s why the performance index was developed [ped by mangools.
  • LinkMiner is a backlink checker tool. It evaluates the SEO power of backlinks with the Link Strength based on well-established metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and others.
  • SiteProfiler is an SEO analysis tool with all the essential SEO metrics & insights under one roof.

It also provides free SEO Tools such as:

-SEO Browser Extension

-SERP Volatility checker

-SERP Simulator

Mangools Pricing

You can choose a monthly plan or save 35 % with annual plans. (Free 10-day Trial)

Annual Plan:

  • Mangools Basic starts at $29.90 per month.
  • Mangools Premium $44.90 per month.
  • Mangools Agency $89.90 per month.

Monthly plan:

  • Mangools Basic $49.00
  • Mangools Premium $69.00
  • Mangools Agency $129.00


BrightLocal is one of the most powerful local SEO platforms in 2023. With the help of its potent local SEO tools and reports, companies and advertising agencies can boost local ranks, increase traffic and leads from local searches, and control reviews and reputation. Using its market-leading platform, BrightLocal increases local search visibility. Your online Businesses can now step up to the plate and win the game with the help of BrightLocal's SEO Audits and Reports, Local Listing Service, and Online Reputation Management solution.

BrightLocal SEO Features

BrightLocal Features

  • Track local Ranking The most comprehensive rank-tracking solution for local search.
  • Local Rank Tracker Clean, clear, and comprehensive rank reporting.
  • Local Search Grid Put your rankings on the map. Offers complete visibility; no more blindspots; and Impress clients & prospects and outrank your rivals to gain an edge over the competition with a competitor benchmarking against the most impactful local ranking factors.

BrightLocal Pricing

You can Start a 14-day free trial with no card needed.

  • Single Businesses at $29/ month. Perfect for small businesses and agencies managing up to 3 locations.
  • Multi Business at $49/ month For mid-sized businesses and growing agencies managing up to 6 locations.
  • SEO Pro at $79/ month A complete plan for businesses and agencies managing up to 100 locations.

Or You can Go Annual and get 2 months free!

Bing Webmaster Tool

Bing Webmaster Tool is an SEO Tool that assists your website to reach your desired website quickly and effectively, used to investigate your site, analyze backlinks, manage keywords, and more. Using Bing Webmaster Tools, you can keep an eye on the general health of your website and learn how visitors are finding it so you can scale up your online business presence. You can uncover websites referring to you by using tools and reports to discover the keywords generating traffic as well as the impressions and clicks of those phrases.

Microsoft Bing features

Bing Webmaster Tool Features

  • Backlinks Your sites backlink profile helps analyse the referring pages, domains, and anchor texts
  • Keyword research Keyword Research allows you to check the phrases and keywords that searchers are querying for and their corresponding search volumes.
  • SEO Report SEO reports contain aggregated counts of all the errors found across the entire website scanned and total pages containing errors
  • Site Scan Site Scan is an on-demand site audit tool which crawls your site and checks for common technical SEO issues.

Bing Webmaster Tool Pricing

  • Bing Webmaster Tools is a search engine optimization software solution offered by Microsoft.
  • You can sign in for free either at Microsoft, Google, or Facebook.


SEOlyzer is a crawler tool and logs analyzer. With this tool, you may learn how search engines perceive your website. The program examines your website to indicate any problems that might stop search engines from crawling and indexing your pages. Using logs, SEOLyzer initially assesses the general performance of your website. The program examines the content of your pages and suggests solutions to increase your site traffic, such as controlling page loading speed, discovering redirects, and many more.

Seolyzer features

SEOlyzer Features

  • SEO Log analysis Crawling bots, like Googlebot, collect data when they browse your website and log it in your server's log files. All of this unneeded data may be combined into effective SEO KPIs thanks to log analysis and The steps you must do to increase your organic traffic are numerous: find and fix problems, examine redirects, keep track of page speed, and tell search engines to prioritize crawling strategic pages.
  • Monitor your SEO KPIs in real time As an SEO, it usually monitors the health of a site via the Google Search Console: crawl volume, response time, and errors.
  • Categorization by groups of pages: a targeted log analysis

SEOlyzer Pricing

• Lite starts at €39.00/ Monthly

• Advanced at € 69.00/ Monthly

• Premium €249/monthly.


Moz offers all-in-one SEO software that helps you increase traffic and better visibility in an online search. They will give you insights and solutions that help you make smarter decisions toward the success of your business.

Moz SEO Tools

Moz Features

  • Site audits They crawl your site on demand, uncover technical SEO issues, and recommend improvements and fixes.
  • Rank tracking Track the performance of hundreds (or thousands) of your traffic-driving keywords across 170+ search engines.
  • Backlink analysis The Moz link index is second to none. See metrics to any site in seconds, including anchor text and Domain Authority.
  • Keyword research Discover thousands of keywords to target along with Keyword Difficulty scores, competitor research, and SERP analysis.

Moz Pricing

You can start your free trial for 30 days

Save 20% if you pay annually

  • Standard is $99/mo and $79/mo if you pay yearly If you're new to SEO or just need the basics, this plan is a great way to get started
  • Medium $179/mo and $143/mo if you pay yearly Ample limits plus access to keyword research tools. Most folks start here
  • Large $299/mo and $239/mo if you pay yearly The ideal plan (and best value) for business and agencies that are serious about the search
  • Premium $599/mo and $479/mo if you pay yearly Most popular for large SEO-focused agencies and in-house marketing teams

Screaming Frog

The screaming Frog Spider is a UK-based agency that can crawl both small and large websites and can detect some common issues They are known for combining cutting-edge technology, creativity, and data to run remarkably successful search engine optimisation (SEO) and paid search (PPC) campaigns.

ScreamingFrog website crawler

Screaming Frog Features

  • Find Broken Links, Errors & Redirects
  • Analyse Page Titles & Meta Data
  • Review Meta Robots & Directives
  • Audit hreflang Attributes
  • Discover Exact Duplicate Pages
  • Generate XML Sitemaps
  • Site Visualisations

Screaming Frog Pricing

  • Screaming Frog is a free SEO tool that lets you crawl 500 URL
  • You can purchase a license that grants permission to crawl more than 500 URLs and use advanced features.


SERanking is also an all-in-one SEO software for business owners, SEO pros, and digital agencies. They can help you monitor your country/region/city rankings as often as you want. The tool checks the structure of your site, its content, and other technical points then provide feedback on how to improve so you can rank your website.

Seranking SEO tools

SERanking Features

  • Keywords Keyword rank tracker Keyword research
  • Backlinks Backlink checker Backlink monitor
  • Competitors Competitive research
  • Website Website audit On-page SEO checker Page changes monitor

SERanking Pricing

20% discount with annual plan


  • Essential $31.20/mo For freelancers and newbies
  • Pro $71.20/mo (most popular) For small agencies and teams
  • Business$151.20/mo For mid-size agencies and businesses


  • Essentia $39.00/mo
  • Pro $89.00/mo
  • Business $189.00/mo


Hike’s DIY SEO Software is the ideal solution for small businesses that cannot afford to hire an in-house SEO expert. The software gives detailed instructions that can be used to optimize any website, whether your own site or a site for another company.

HikeSEO features

HikeSEO Feature

  • Build an SEO Strategy Find the right keywords discover content topics Analyse your competition Improve your content Local SEO Strategy
  • Easily Make SEO Changes
  • Track & Report Results
  • Whitelabel The Platform

HikeSEO Pricing

  • Software $59.99 pay monthly Complete SEO toolset for small businesses who want to complete their own SEO in-house.
  • Software Plus $189.99pay monthly Two hours of additional resource from a dedicated account manager who will make SEO changes to your website on your behalf.


is an SEO tool that helps you find, track, and audit your website’s SEO performance. It provides a free audit of your site’s SEO health and a list of recommended changes that are easy to implement. It also allows you to create an audit plan and track your progress over time.

SEOptimer features

SEOptimer Features

  • White Label SEO Audit Tool Win more customers with Beautiful Custom Branded PDF Reports
  • Embeddable Audit Tool Generate More Leads and Sales from your Site
  • SEO Crawler Identify hidden problems holding your website back from it’s ranking potential.
  • Keyword Research Tool See monthly search volume, competition, SERP results, estimated traffic volume and estimated CPC
  • SEOptimer's Keyword Tracking Tool Keep track of the success of your SEO efforts
  • Bulk Reporting with SEOptimer Generate Hundreds or Thousands of Custom Branded SEO Audits in Record Time

SEOptimer Pricing

  • DIY SEO US $ 19 Monthly Simple Do-It-Yourself SEO Software that crawls your site for problems, recommends tasks and tracks rankings.
  • White Label US $ 29 Monthly Generate Unlimited White Label PDF Reports with your own company logo, branding, text and check selections in 15 languages. Crawl Multiple Websites for issues.
  • White Label & Embedding US $ 59 Monthly All 'White Label' features + build a custom Embed Audit Form to generate leads straight from your site, and send them to your inbox or other systems.


BuzzStream is software for Digital PR, Link Builders, and Content Promotion. BuzzStream is a comprehensive outreach platform that makes it possible for digital PR and link-building teams of all sizes to grow their results.

Buzzstream features

Buzz Stream Features

  • Research Build a qualified list in half the time
  • Email Send a better email at scale
  • Manage No more lost emails
  • Report Use data to improve your success

BuzzStream Pricing

  • Starter $24/mo. Simple out of the box outreach for up to 2 users
  • Growth $124/mo. A complete outreach platform, with team sharing, project reporting, and more
  • Professional $299/mo. Advanced analytics, extensive customizability, API access and personalized support
  • Custom starting at$999/mo. A complete solution, customized to the unique needs of your organization.